our name is base for a reason

We help leading companies take their first steps, expand and move forward in LatAm, Brazil first



  1. a starting point or point of departure.
  2. a fundamental principle or groundwork; foundation; basis.
  3. the bottom support of anything that on which a thing stands or rests.
  4. a placed used as a center of operations by the armed forces or others; a headquarters.

about us

Base Partners is a growth equity firm backed by a small group of families and business owners in Brazil

We invest globally alongside the best VC firms in market-transforming technology companies on the path to becoming leaders

Beyond capital, we help our companies with everything they need to successfully grow in our region

Such combination of angle and trust is what sets us apart

our companies

Status: Private
Leadership: Patrick and John Collison
Category: Payments
Headquarters: San Francisco

Status: Private
Leadership: Eric Yuan
Category: Collaboration
Headquarters: San Francisco

Status: Private
Leadership: Sanjay Beri
Category: Cyber Security
Headquarters: San Francisco

Status: Private
Leadership: Steven Singh
Category: Cloud Computing
Headquarters: San Francisco

Status: Private
Leadership: Yiming Zhang
Category: Media
Headquarters: Beijing

Status: Private
Leadership: David Vélez
Category: Banking
Headquarters: São Paulo

base+ our value add platform

Through our broad network, we have access to the long-term interests of corporates from different verticals. This is our value prop:

Growing tech companies
Beyond our portfolio, we help technology companies with:
  • strategic and tactical support
  • biz dev: intros to sr. corporate executives
  • potential JV’s and acquisitions
  • talent: getting the right people onboard
Large local corporates
We talk to corporate executives and owners every day. We help them:
  • get a fresh perspective on their industry
  • discover solutions to current big problems
  • explore partnership opportunities
  • build relationships with peers/innovators globally

our leadership