our name is base for a reason.

We help our companies take their first steps, expand and move forward in LatAm, Brazil first



  1. a starting point or point of departure.
  2. a fundamental principle or groundwork; foundation; basis.
  3. the bottom support of anything; that on which a thing stands or rests.
  4. a placed used as a center of operations by the armed forces or others; a headquarters.

about us

We invest globally in leading technology companies and help them expand into Latin America, Brazil first.

Beyond capital, every investment we make is based on mutual trust and the conviction that we could be relevant.

Our portfolio companies recognize that depth and consistency are essential to capturing the Brazilian market.

This commitment to helping our portfolio companies win Brazil, and then Latin America, is at the heart of our mission and investment strategy.

our companies

Status: Private
Leadership: Patrick and John Collison
Category: Payments
Headquarters: San Francisco | US

Status: Public | ZM
Leadership: Eric Yuan
Category: Collaboration
Headquarters: San Jose | US

Status: Private
Leadership: Sanjay Beri
Category: Cyber security
Headquarters: Santa Clara | US

Status: Private
Leadership: Steve Singh
Category: Cloud computing
Headquarters: San Francisco | US

Status: Private
Leadership: Zhang Yiming
Category: Media
Headquarters: Beijing | CN

Status: Private
Leadership: David Vélez
Category: Financial services
Headquarters: São Paulo | BR

Status: LP investment
Leadership: Matt Huang and Fred Ehrsam
Category: Crypto and blockchain
Headquarters: San Francisco | US

Status: Private
Leadership: Sai Srinivas
Category: Gaming
Headquarters: Bangalore | IN

Status: Private
Leadership: Daniel Dines
Category: Automation
Headquarters: New York | US

Status: Private
Leadership: Sami Inkinen
Category: Healthcare
Headquarters: San Francisco | US

Status: Private
Leadership: Nazim Salur
Category: Retail
Headquarters: Istanbul | TR

Status: Private
Leadership: Victor and Arthur Lazarte
Category: Gaming
Headquarters: São Paulo | BR

our leadership