What happened at the Base Enterprise Summit 2019?

The Base Enterprise Summit happened on Jun6, 2019 in São Paulo, Brazil.

Since we launched Base Partners in 2017, we have been quietly delivering on our mission to invest globally in leading technology companies. More than investors, we consider ourselves partners.

Today, we are proud to have partnered with amazing companies:

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Beyond capital, every investment we make is based on mutual trust and the conviction that we can be relevant. Our companies recognize that depth and consistency are essential to capturing the Brazilian market. This commitment to winning Brazil, and then Latin America, is at the heart of our mission and investment strategy.

In our day to day, we talk with founders, business owners and corporate executives. We felt it was time to gather them in a room to talk, interact and learn from one another. This is exactly the genesis of the Base Enterprise Summit.

The summit was thoughtfully conceived as an opportunity for our portfolio companies to engage in meaningful discussions with the key decision makers from leading corporates in Brazil and Latin America, including:

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Key stats:
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The agenda:
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