Next-Generation Video Creation

Our investment in InVideo

In the early days of the internet, web-banners were the main form of digital advertising. Static images and GIFs flooded webpages in the pursuit of a user’s click.

30 years later, higher network bandwidth and feed-based social apps have enabled different formats of media to be explored, and it became clear that videos drove higher engagement, delivering better value to creators and advertisers. While producing an image ad typically takes no more than an hour, it can take 5 times longer to create a short video.

Video editing tools such as Adobe Premiere or Apple’s Final Cut Pro were designed for professional creators and complex routines, which positions them distant from the needs of 700M basic creators working for agencies, small businesses, or even for personal content.

InVideo was born to make high-quality video editing as accessible and simple as image editing, bridging the gap between simplistic tools and clumsy professional software by combining the following key characteristics:

  1. Cloud-based: By rewriting the entire video stack for the browser, InVideo removed the burden of high-end computing required by on-prem software, allowing anyone with an internet connection to use professional-quality features
  1. Cross-device: Seamless integration with mobile will provide users a straightforward flow from production to deployment
  1. Collaborative and easy: Collaboration is at the core of InVideo, and by providing a content marketplace, users can build on top of thousands of templates designed by professional creators and streamline the production of content

Leading InVideo’s team is the founder Sanket Shah, whose obsession with customers earned the company the highest user ratings in video editing.

We believe that InVideo can democratize video creation and transform this $27B market, and we are excited to be part of this journey with Sanket.