Predicting engineering excellence

Our investment in Karat

Today, it does not matter whether a company is a bank, a retailer, or a startup – every company is a technology company. For that reason, growing a company’s software engineering team is a major bottleneck for its ambitions.

Despite hiring technical talent being the #1 recruiting issue for most companies, interviewing candidates and ensuring an unbiased and reliable assessment is no one’s full-time job. This dynamic results in companies interviewing inconsistently and hiring with low assertiveness, wasting precious time of their best engineers.

While most recruiting companies are trying to figure out creative ways of filling up the candidate funnel for customers, Mohit Bhende and the Karat team have been focused on building a real business solution for hiring engineers faster with fair, flexible, and predictive technical interviews.

Karat has assembled a full-fledged interviewing infrastructure enabling technical teams to expand in an expedited pace while saving engineering time. By coupling its software with a globally distributed community of Interview Engineers, Karat is bringing predictability and continuous improvement to the quality of the technical talent of their customers.

Impacts for companies using Karat are very clear:

  1. Unconstrained assessment of candidates by freeing up engineers from interviews
  2. Boosting candidates’ NPS and improving offer-to-acceptance rates
  3. Shifting up a company’s hiring bar and taking on better talent

Beyond delivering these undeniable short-term benefits for the customers, Karat is aggregating one of the largest and richest datasets available on technical recruiting – and unlike most business models in the recruiting space, it is being paid to do so.

Much like the standard measure of gold fineness, we believe this data will enable Karat to become the rubric of technical talent quality in the industry, being central to the recruiting operating system of the enterprise.

We are thrilled to partner with Mohit on his mission of changing the way companies recruit.