Rebuilding education in Latin America

Our investment in Trybe

Ideally, the development of a country’s higher education should be aligned with the incentives of its labor market to drive a better living to its population.

Over the last decade in Brazil, however, massive superior education businesses were created by the increase in course offerings facilitated through loose credit policies and no barriers for students to join. The result was the growth of a low-value higher education in the country with no margins to invest in quality, high drop-out rates, and poor employability.

Reverting this scenario demands passion, excellence, and experience in the segment – attributes we were delighted to find in Matheus Goyas and his co-founders at Trybe when we met them in late 2020. Together, they form a very special breed of individuals who have dedicated over 10 years each in building educational services in Brazil.

Founded in 2019, Trybe’s vision is to become the first choice for a digital formation in the region by having undisputedly superior employability rates. We were struck by the team’s relentless dedication to deliver a high-quality education at scale, driven by the verticalization of their solution, an obsessive focus on students’ and employers’ data, and an aligned compensation based on students’ success.

A year after the first student enrolled in Trybe’s software development formation, early results are:

  • Over 1,000 students and running its 10th cohorts with 290 students joining simultaneously
  • More than 120 students hired while only 40% of these have graduated from Trybe
  • Best-in-class outcomes in student satisfaction, completion, and employability

As Trybe successfully expands its offerings, we believe it can rebuild the technical education in our region by focusing on the most demanded digital skills and fulfill the role that should be handled by higher education – to improve the income and living conditions of its dedicated students.

We are thrilled to partner with Trybe on this journey.