Announcing Base Growth II

Not long ago Base Partners was born with a bold mission: invest globally in leading technology companies and help them expand into Latin America, Brazil first.

Under the guidance of a stellar advisory board and backed by a very special group of investors, we started our journey in 2017. Today, we are proud to be invested in category-defining companies across the globe:

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Beyond capital, every investment we made over these last 24 months was based on mutual trust and the conviction that we could be relevant.

Our portfolio companies recognize that depth and consistency are essential to capturing the Brazilian market. This commitment to helping our portfolio companies win Brazil, and then Latin America, is at the heart of our mission and investment strategy.

A testament to such strategy was the Base Enterprise Summit. The first-of-its-kind ever to be held in Latin America, the summit took place in São Paulo on June 6th, 2019. We gathered for a full day of discussions the CEOs of the largest corporates in the region, forward looking investors and founders at the helm of next generation technology companies.

Here are some glimpses from that day:

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In order to continue delivering on our mission, we recently raised a new fund. Base Growth II closed on $135 million in total capital commitments from our original backers, with the addition of a few other like-minded investors.

To our investors: thank you for your renewed conviction and continued support.

To our founders: thank you for allowing us to be part of your journey.

To our advisory board: thank you for the guidance.

We feel fortunate to have partnered with such a unique group of founders and long-term investors to build our firm.

This is just the beginning.

Base Partners