Democratizing the Bloomberg Terminal

Our investment in Atom Finance

Whether you are a retail stock investor, an investment advisor, or a professional investor, the Number 1 question you need to answer every day is:

“Why is this stock moving?”

There is a big gap in how people answer it. The rise of investment platforms has removed both the access and technology barriers to invest in the stock market, but solutions that ultimately empower better investment decisions have lagged to surge.

As a retail investor, you are left in a world of fragmented information outlets, having to dodge the increasing presence of fake news and misinformation about companies and markets.

As a professional equity investor, you depend on clumsy and expensive solutions built in the 70s which are critically unsuited for today’s mobile generation.

Frustrated by the low quality of information available to track his personal investments and with the subpar research tools he used while being a hedge fund investor, Eric Shoykhet committed to the pursuit of building a next-generation research platform that could democratize the access to institutional-quality investment resources. Atom was then founded in late 2018.

Its approach has been to build a sleek cross-device platform that combines:

  1. Real-time market content: top-tier financial news, analyst commentary, and custom alerts
  2. Institutional data feed: detailed company financials, consensus estimates, and ownership data
  3. Professional research features: advanced document search and instant financial modeling
  4. Social elements: live group chats powered by AtomBot

In little over a year since its launch, Atom is already a best-in-class investment platform with very strong traction and stickiness among sophisticated investors.

By helping users make informed investing decisions, we believe there is a huge opportunity to create one single layer of software, content, and aggregation that will lie between the $30B global financial data industry and the commodification of trading.

We are thrilled to partner with Eric, and we trust his product-obsessive mentality to grow Atom into a global investment research powerhouse.